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The Open-Router is an all-in-one distribution for active networking.

All binaries are compiled to save space on the system-image.
ORP needs 16MB flash or 64MB HDD space.

It's not finished yet, but growing fast.
If you are interested in sponsoring something feel free and write to sponsoring@open-router.org

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We are at Booth: 5.0.310.2 at the LinuxTag 2001

Mon Jul 21 00:15:45 CEST 2003
Linux-Router is dead, Open-Router NG(Next-Generation) is work in progress !
04.05.2001 added FDDI Support thanks to SysKonnect for the FDDI Interfaces
Fri Jun 22 01:27:41 CEST 2001
18.03.2001 1. release 
04.05.2001 added FDDI Support thanks to SysKonnect for the FDDI Interfaces
           added Telnet Support 
           added sFTP / FTP client   
           fixed some minor bugs in the init
	   added Linux 2.4.4 Kernel
	   added new Cyclades PC300 driver
15.06.2001 added Token-Ring Support
           updates OpenSSH 2.9p1
           fixed Bootup/Interfaces
           added Linux 2.4.5 Kernel
           added ISDN HiSAX / Active Card Support
           added MASQ per Interface
           added PCI-Utils (lspci ..)
           added PATCHES from Ivan   _  
20.06.2001 added RSVP                 \
           added some more QoS stuff   Kernel-Land ;-)
           added IPSEC               _/
           added GNU GMP Lib for IPSEC ..
           made 0.4 preALPHA Release ;-)
We now have 2 mailing-lists: To subscribe to the support mailing-list write to: orp-support-request@open-router.org with Subject: subscribe To subscribe to the developers mailing-list write to: orp-dev-request@open-router.org with Subject: subscribe

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